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Today, world's internet businesses achieving new height and plunging boundaries, more and more people are getting aware of the possibilities to earn money through online business, Among other things, magento websites have been growing at an amazing pace. There have been significant development in applications in the past couple of years which have helped these websites endlessly, for example Magento, it is a professional open source e-commerce web application that offering merchants unparalleled flexibility and control of online business. Magento was launched in March 2008 and had reached 450000 download magento themes count by the end of six months, creating the aura of fastest growing e-commerce platform on the world wide web. Theme Magento offer features like multi lingual support, guest checkout and free shipping features, easy site management, marketing and promotional tools, customer service features, payment gateway integration facility and much more. And the fact that it is an open source content management system (CMS) makes it just more lucrative, open source puts forward realistic ease of access to the source code of a product which lets you modify the product to your predilection.

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